Manufacturer geomembranes and geocomposites and the first Polish manufacturer of foil dimpled

Our products are distinguished by their durability, range of applications and innovation, which allows for an even wider application of our insulating films and foundation. We own laboratories, where we work continuously on improving our products. The highest quality guarantee quality controls carried out systematically. On the podium we set our goals to improve both the process and taking care of our customers’ satisfaction.

Folia Kubełkowa Ventfol

6 types of the insulating film of HDPE allows for its use under any conditions at each time to give the best quality. Geomembranes that can be used in all categories of construction.

Folia kubełkowa Drenfol

The combination of dimpled HDPE geomembrane and geotextile special fiber PP resulted in the creation of this extremely resistant to stretching and compression of the insulating film. This film has the function of separation, filtration and drainage.


Geomembrane horizontal with high-density polyethylene HDPE and the rib on both sides allow movement in the mortar. Hydrofol foil is used in case of interruption of water transport through the capillary phenomenon

Folia kubełkowa Drentextile

Using still alive adhesive hot-melt provides the particular compressive strength and tensile strength and durability during operation, however, have to fibrillate during installation which facilitates installation of a drainage pipe.

Folia kubełkowa Greenfol Dren

The purpose of this insulating film HDPE structures are green roofs in residential buildings. With the filtration and drainage, and specially designed shape of buckets Idel fulfills the task entrusted to it.

Techfol Plast Master

Foil downlight designed for the construction of percolating such as diaphragm walls and foundation slabs. The reinforced ribs rigid structure suitable buckets film in relation to the amount of very high compressive strength.