Our HYDROFOL geomembrane is a horizontal geomembrane, manufactured from high density polyethylene, HDPE of optimally selected physical properties. It protects structural elements of walls against capillary moisture penetration and against damp rising up the structure. Our membrane remains flexible even at a temperature of ‒30°C in contrast to membranes made from PVC. It replaces also bituminous materials cumbersome to use like tar paper, pitches. The membrane has double ribbing that prevent its movement in the mortar.


HYDROFOL geomembrane is used for residential, industrial buildings and wherever it is necessary to break the rise of damp through capillary action phenomenon.

Installation Method

The surface area, on which the membrane will be laid, shall be leveled with mortar. Unroll the membrane on thus prepared substrate. The membrane width shall be not lower than the width of wall. Then, put a layer of mortar and continue the process of construction of the wall. When building a wall of high moisture absorption, the insulation shall be repeated after laying one or two layers of blocks. In the case of joining membrane strips, overlap them by approx. 30 cm.

Transport and Storage

Membranes are supplied in rolls on transport pallets protected. During the transportation and storage, membranes shall be protected against mechanical damages and high temperatures.

Technical parameters of Hydrofol

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